Ecosystem Services

Simply stated, ecosystem services are benefits that people obtain from ecological systems. When the ecological system is healthy and functioning properly, the benefits can be great. This section supplies information on ecosystem services obtained from grazing lands that are managed with a conservation/sustainability mindset.

Examples of ecosystem services provided by grazing lands include:
Carbon sequestration
Clean water
Groundwater recharge
Healthy plants
Healthy wildlife
Productive soils
Thriving economies
Weed control
Wildfire mitigation
Healthy animals
Native plant restoration
Open space
Desirable lifestyles

Your Hawaii-GLC has partnered with the Natural Capital Project, Gretchen Daily and Stanford University to attempt to quantify and educate people on the values of these ecosystem services derived from grazing lands.
Click for more information on the Natural Capital Project.

On December 9, 2010, Insights on PBS Hawaii devoted a one-hour show to Hawaii grazing land conservation, and the ecosystem services provided by managed grazing lands. To view that program, click here.