Anthony “Britt” Craven, Jr.

Britt serves as the Hawaii GLCI Chairman for 2011-2013.

He descends from the Greenwell ranching family of Kona. Britt was born and raised in the islands, and exposed to ranching at an early age. Under the tutelage of his late grandfather James “Kimo” Greenwell, and ranch manager Johnny Rapoza, Britt learned about ranching from the ground up.

After graduating from Pepperdine University, Britt returned to Kona permanently. With the encouragement of his uncle James S. Greenwell, Britt has become actively involved in the Hawaii cattle industry. Britt currently is a Vice President and Director for Palani Ranch Company. Palani Ranch is a 1,200 brood cow, family-owned cow/calf operation covering the upper slopes of Hualalai Mountain above Kona.

Britt views HI-GLCI as the ideal platform to easily connect graziers with the numerous different environmental experts who can assist them with tools needed to better steward and enhance the lands on which they operate.