Opportunities to Create Native Wildlife Habitat on the Ranch

by HI-GLC on November 2, 2011

“The Hawaiian islands are home to plants and animals found nowhere else in the world. Much of the habitat for native plants and animals has been lost over a long history of human manipulation of the landscape. Invasive species, urban development, farming and ranching have all contributed to reducing habitat available for native plants and animals. Many of us have not seen or wouldn’t recognize a native species. That is because we have replaced their habitat with one we are more comfortable with or at least have come to accept.

But there are many native plants and animals that can live among us. And farmers and ranchers have a greater opportunity than most to help provide some habitat for them. The advantages include the practical, such as pollination benefits, to the philosophical, such as it makes sense to save some of our natural heritage for our descendants to enjoy.”

Click here to discover what can you do for native plants and animals on your farm and ranch land. Special thanks to Gregory Koob for this information, which was printed and distributed by University of Hawaii, CTAHR, in their Sept-Nov 2010 volume of Hānai‘Ai / The Food Provider.

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