The Dreaded “M” Word — Monitoring! What’s all the buzz?

by loretta on October 26, 2011

We here at the Hawaii GLC are committed to sharing information to improve the health of grazing lands, …and your bottom line as a rancher.

How can you get healthy land and a healthy wallet? Determine your goals. Develop a grazing plan. Follow it. Monitor the results. A fatter wallet is pretty easy to notice. But “fatter” land? “Fatter” grasses? When and how do you know, I mean really know, when the land is healthier?

This article in the Australian Farm Journal features my friend and colleague, Charley Orchard. Charley started the business Land EKG. Although Land EKG is based in Montana, they provide monitoring know-how to ranchers and rangelands around the world. The article sums up the Land EKG monitoring approach, which is one of the best methods out there.

Take time to read Land EKG’s perspective on how Monitoring, the dreaded “M” word, can help fatten your grasses, livestock, landscape, and wallet.

Click to read “Enough Pasture Recovery? Ask the land and monitor.”

If you need help determining your ranch goals, developing a grazing plan, figuring out how-where-when-what to monitor, and how to evaluate if your land is healthier, contact your local NRCS office or Cooperative Extention service.

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