New Videos Available on Our YouTube Channel

by HI-GLC on October 5, 2011

Check out these videos from the U.S. and Australia on the following topics. Even though they’re not produced in Hawaii, the principles and outcomes still apply.

Grazing Land Management
A variety of videos stressing the importance of proper grazing management, understanding your grazing ecosystem, setting goals, and evaluating results of your grazing system.

Ecosystem Services
Videos showcasing the importance of placing an economic value on beneficial ecosystem services (carbon sequestration, clean water, healthy forests, weed control, wildlife habitat, etc). Making management decisions in favor of beneficial ecosystem services results in resource sustainability for generations to come.

Monitoring Grazing Lands
Videos describing monitoring methods on grazing lands.

Ranching For Profit video channel on YouTube — become a subscriber! Here’s a sample of one of their videos:

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